WOW- Website of the Week Posters

As suggested by one of the visitors to this blog- I am attaching the posters I have made so far for Website of the Week.

I suggest you print these out in colour and hang them above the photocopier to encourage teachers to visit new and interesting sites.

WOW#1- writingfix

WOW #- Mathionaire

WOW #3- Wordle

WOW # 4- Exploratree- Resources for Thinking Curriculum

WOW # 5- Santas village


Let me know if you have any other sites you think would be great for WOW!



Website of the Week

In a bid to get more people interested in technology and integrating ICT into their classroom at my school, I have developed a new idea: Website of the Week (WOW).

Each week I now create a promotional A4 poster featuring a new educational website. I include details such as the website’s name, the grade levels it is suitable for and possible uses for it in the classroom. At the bottom of the ‘poster’ I have tear off tags with the website’s address on them. This poster is placed above the photocopier every week- a place where all teachers go daily and usually stare aimlessly at the wall in front of them.

So far so good. This strategy has succeeded in getting staff to talk about technology in the staffroom and trial new things in their classrooms. How exciting to have other staff sharing ideas on how they have used the same website in their classrooms.

I plan to include each week’s website here on this blog- look for the WOW tag.