WOW#6 Spelling City

After a long Christmas holiday break I am back online and ready with the first of this year’s WOW- Website Of the Week. Australian teachers will be starting (however reluctantly) to get back into school mode now and this week’s website is an excellent resource to kick start your new class’ spelling program- This website is simple to use and has huge benefits for students.

Teachers can set up weekly word lists (or students can add their own) and the students can then either press ‘teach me,’ ‘test me’ or a ‘play a game.’ The website actually creates games such as hangman using the word list entered. It even tests the words using an audio version of your word (and even puts the word in a sentence) – AMAZING! This site allows you to have multiple levels of lists happening in your class without the need to spend hours testing all the different groups. Once the students complete the test they can print off a full report on how they went.

Here’s the WOW poster for this week: spellingcity